Saturday, July 5, 2008

This week is Urban Hobodry:The Wide World of Freecycle

This week has been pretty boring. I have yet to experience any urban hobodry, so I thought I'd talk about a little thing called Freecycle. Freecycle is like the urban hobo's Craigslist. But instead of buying people's useless junk, they give it away! Basically, you go onto this site, tell people what you want, they ignore you, then you have to search for days to find that couch you wanted. You then exchange a few emails with this person, pretending to care about how they got the couch and the various reasons they're giving it away. They tell you it's in great condition, and you arrange a pick-up time. At this point, you're thinking how great this site is; you just got a free couch, and it's in great condition! So you drive to this person's house, which happens to be two hours away. But no matter, you're getting a couch. So you drive around for another half hour looking for "a blue house on the left." Free couch. You call the person for directions and find that you passed the house several times without noticing it, because it is behind a large oak tree. And it's green. Free couch, you think. So you walk up to their house, and a man with a large gut comes out. You can see just how large his gut is because he's not wearing a shirt. Free couch. The shirtless wonder leads you around back, where you see an piece of furniture sitting in the lawn. It looks like it used to be the "vibrant green" described on the site, but now it's a beautiful shade of brown, with some varying shades of brown here and there in the form of what look to be soda stains. Hopefully soda. You look at this piece of furniture and hope, but you know the truth. This is your free couch.


Nancy W. said...

Wilson - I love your blog! Your writing is so witty and humorous. Keep up the good work (and I do mean work, in both your writing and hobodry!)

Steve said...

You forgot the dog that "never bites anyone," but sure sniffs you up and down.